Why is the conductor such an important persona?

You might have seen a symphony orchestra performance in TV once. Or twice. Or maybe you’ve even watched their gig live. And I’m sure this weird guy who stands in front of the band and waves a stick made you wonder… How come this person, who doesn’t even actually play anything, gets all the credit, fame and money? Does an orchestra really need someone to make faces in front of them while they are trying to perform music?

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Why do we use five lines to write music?

One of the very first things we learn at the beginning of our journey towards absorbing basic witchcraft music skills is that we write pitches on a system of five horizontal lines. We hardly ever question existence of the staff. It’s simply there, it’s always been there and we really do take it for granted. It’s quite a pity we fail to notice this timeless, elegant and practical design and story at the bottom of its current looks. Because, believe me or not, it’s quite a plot!

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